Embracing the Great Commission: Every Christian's Call to Mission

Embracing the Great Commission: Every Christian’s Call to Mission

In embracing the Great Commission, all individuals, regardless of their background, are called for missions. Each person has a vital role to play, whether as a pastor, a missionary, a generous supporter, or utilizing specific gifts. Emotional experiences aren’t the sole determining factor. Instead, we must rely on God’s Word, unwavering conviction, recognizing the talents and gifts bestowed upon us. Underestimating ourselves is unnecessary, as God works wonders through those who offer themselves wholeheartedly. Whether or not an emotional calling is present, taking the first step and saying, “God, here I am,” unveils the incredible ways He will use our unique abilities for ministry.

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Embracing the Great Commission: Every Christian’s Call to Mission

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Jotham, Rwanda Dioscese Office Administrator:

I personally think all people, all Christians, we are all called for missions. The Great Commission is for all Christians. And no matter where we are, what job we are doing in, so the only difference is we have different roles in the ministry. I might be called to become a priest. Somebody in the US might be called to sponsor heavily to the ministry. So all those roles are very, very important. So what we have to figure out with our lives is that where is God calling me to be? An emotional experience might not come.

Look at my life. I did not have an emotional experience or emotional feeling in a huge meeting or anything of that sort. I just had a conviction in my heart. So, in each one of our lives, God has given us specific gifts, specific talents. Let’s see, okay, how can I use this for the ministry? It might be playing an instrument or it might be preaching. Different, different talents. So, one thing all of us have to understand is that we all might not get that emotional experience, but we have to willingly choose that we are going to use our lives to serve God. And that’s where I think it starts.

Emotions are always unstable. You know, even now, there are times when my emotions go up and down, but I still think, you know, should I be here? Should I be going somewhere else? But then I come back to the Lord and say, “God, You have called me here and I am here”. So, I believe even if you have got an emotional kind of calling in the beginning, that does not necessarily mean that you will feel that throughout your ministry. Sometimes there are days that you feel really down. You feel like quitting. You feel like going back.

So, emotions are not something that we should all rely upon. It should be our conviction of the heart that we are all called for ministry and the only question that you should ask yourself is how are you going to use what God has given you to the ministry and some of us you know we really underestimate ourselves like for me I was back in India I was in my high school I could have gone to college I could have done different things but because I said Lord use me this is my life you just use me I don’t know anything I don’t have much talents with me. I just gave myself to the Lord and the way the Lord uses somebody who says here I am is truly amazing.

So never think that you know you’re not called for ministry, you don’t have an emotional calling so you don’t have to go, you don’t have to do missions. No, you just take the first step and say God here I am and you’ll be amazed by how God is going to use you with the talents and the gifts God has given you.