GFA World National Missionary in Nepal: From sickness to faith, witness the transformation of individuals and communities through God's love

From Despair to Faith: Inspiring Journey of a GFA World National Missionary in Nepal

GFA World’s national missions in Nepal exemplify the dedicated work of a faith-based global mission agency. National missionaries serve as catalysts for change, bringing hope, healing, and faith to communities in need. Through their commitment and service, individuals experience the transformative power of Jesus Christ. Churches are established, spiritual nourishment is provided, and lives are profoundly impacted. The mission’s influence extends beyond individuals, positively shaping communities and paving the way for a brighter future in Nepal.

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From Despair to Faith: Inspiring Journey of a GFA World National Missionary in Nepal

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I was very sick and I was willing to try anything to get better.

I went to the hospital to see doctors, but they could find nothing.

I paid witch doctors to perform healing rituals.

I prayed and sacrificed to idols.

I even tried our traditional medicines and home remedies, but nothing I tried worked.

I was hopeless until I heard a man singing about Jesus.

He was singing about how Jesus could deliver me from sin and sickness.

As he sang, hope started to stir in my heart.

A few weeks later, I received a Bible.

Immediately I started reading it.

As I read, my faith grew and my body started to heal as I trusted in the Lord.

In those days, my wife and I were the only believers in our village.

The closest church was a day’s walk away, so we would walk to church on Friday, worship and fellowship on Saturday, and return home on Sunday.

As my faith grew, my pastor and those around me started encouraging me to attend Bible College.

I didn’t feel qualified, and I struggled with doubt.

But eventually, God’s calling became undeniable.

The men of God in my life kept saying the same thing, so I agreed and decided to attend Bible College.

At the Bible College, I dedicated myself to praying for my village.

I asked the Lord to give me ten people with who I could share his love.

At the end of the semester, I returned home and started to share with everyone about Jesus.

And by the end of the break, the Lord had given me the ten people I had prayed for.

After graduating from Bible College, the district leadership The leadership graciously granted my request to be stationed back in my home village.

After reviewing my situation, my community’s distance, and how the people spoke a regional dialect, they determined that I was uniquely qualified to serve my home community.

Many in my community found it difficult to understand the love of Christ at first.

But as I would share the good news with them, I would also pray for them, and as God healed them, they would begin to believe.

Since that time, our church has continued to grow.

We started with a handful of believers in our home, and we continued to outgrow homes until we built our church.

It is only by God’s grace that I have helped establish four churches.