Learn How to Read for Adults

Learn How to Read and Spell for Adults – What Are Some Examples of Lives Changed Through Literacy?

GFA World has been helping women in Asia learn to read for decades. We have seen firsthand the changes that happen when missionaries train others to learn how to read and spell, for adults especially. Adults who learn to read find hope. Here are two examples:

Neelawas 40-years-old and illiterate. She lived in shame, especially in front of her neighbors.1 Then Neela was introduced to GFA literacy classes, and she was determined to take full advantage of the opportunity:

“From today onward, I will not be ashamed [in front] of others for not knowing how to read or write. I will not be lazy but give my best and learn how to read and write. After I learn, I will read the Bible and memorize Scripture verses.”

Neela had the privilege of having the world of letters opened to her, and it filled her with a newfound confidence and joy.

GFA missionaries showed Neela their love and support. They also helped Nami, one of Neela’s classmates. Nami’s husband is a pastor, and he encouraged her to join the class. Nami said,

“I want to teach my children and help them do their homework when they are confused. But I am illiterate, and I do not know how to help them. Thinking about this, I feel very sad. But through the literacy class today, I am very happy. I will try my best to learn to read and write so I can read the Bible and tell others about it and even help my children in their studies.”

These mothers are improving their lives and restoring dignity to mothers in Asia. They will be able to help their children learn and grow. They can read to them and help them with their schoolwork. They can model for them the value and richness of reading.

Women in these cultures who learn how to read drastically change their lives and and that of their families. Their new skills make them qualified for higher-income jobs. They can now understand contracts and agreements and are less likely to be taken advantage of in the market. These women can also read of God’s love for them in the Bible—something they’ve never been able to do before. For many women, that is the best gift of all.

Learn how to read for adults

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