Learn How to Read for Adults

How Do I Support a Learn to Read Program for Adults?

A learn to read program for adults creates a dramatic change in the life of a person. How can you become involved? Here are some ideas:

  • Personally understand the plight – First, take some time to consider what it would be like to be unable to read and write. Make a list of the times you read or write something during one day. You’ll be surprised at how long your list is—everything from identifying your breakfast cereal, reading medicine bottles, understanding the news, reading street signs … the list goes on and on. Once your list is complete, take some time to thank God for your literacy.
  • Talk to people in your local community about illiteracy in your town. What are the statistics in your local area? Visit literacy classes in your area and talk to people about how the classes are changing their lives.
  • Pray about how you can support one person in their literacy efforts. Maybe it is someone you know or maybe it is a stranger across the globe. Be intentional about helping someone by volunteering your time or financially supporting a literacy cause that is dear to you.

GFA World offers literacy classes to communities in Asia that struggle with high illiteracy and poverty rates. There are over 250 million women in Asia today who are illiterate and many of these women long to read and write.1 They have hopes and dreams, but they have no way to accomplish them without literacy. They are often relegated to manual labor because they are not qualified for higher-paying jobs.

You can be a part of our goal to teach them how to read. In just one year, GFA missionaries taught 61,880 women how to read and write.2 Entire communities were transformed. Women learn how to write and read the letters of their language and then understand how those letters work together to form words and sentences. These women can read, write, and do basic math within a few months. Best of all, they can read about God’s love for them in the Bible. What a joy that is for them!

Learn how to read for adults

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