Through the compassionate intervention of a local missionary and their church, they received a life-changing gift — a BioSand water filter.

From Desperation to Transformation: The Impact of a Life-Changing Water Filter

In this inspiring account, one of our staff members in GFA World shares a powerful story that exemplifies the transformative impact of a meaningful gift. It revolves around a family facing immense challenges due to their social status, which denied them access to clean water sources. Through the compassionate intervention of a local missionary and their church, they received a life-changing gift—a BioSand water filter. This simple device not only improved their physical health by providing clean water but also sparked a profound realization of their worth and the love that transcends all barriers. This touching narrative reminds us of the incredible potential of small acts of kindness to bring about significant change in someone’s life.

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Bruce, GFA World Staff:

So one report really jumped out to me recently. It was the story of Sagan, his wife and seven kids. They live in a part of the world where because of their low social class, they weren’t allowed to use any of the community’s clean water sources. So the only water that they did have access to was contaminated. And Sagan said regularly caused illnesses and stomach problems, particularly for his wife and kids.

So that’s just the way that they lived. They didn’t have any other option. But then they met one of our missionaries, Pastor Reynert, and started attending his church. And as the pastor got to know the family and their struggles, he found out about just their issues with having to use contaminated water. So the church gifted them a bio-sand water filter. So this will make it possible for them to pour their dirty water into the top. They get clean water out the bottom. And this will have a dramatic effect on their health. So that, though, wasn’t the thing that was truly impactful to me.

Although I love that for $30, you can impact an entire family’s health and radically alter problems like that. But it was something that Sagan said after he got the gift. He said, “Jesus really loves the perishing and oppressed soul.” We were sad that we would never be accepted. But with this help, I understand that Jesus, the Lord of lords, loves my family.

So not only is it amazing they were able to be helped in this very practical way and their health problems aren’t gonna be an issue anymore. But through a simple gift like this, he actually understood that he had value as a person and that the one true God of the universe loves and cares for him and his family. So I know that $30 isn’t gonna change the world, but it can change the world for someone. It did for Sagan and his family, and I think that’s incredibly meaningful.