Medical Camps in Rwanda

GFA World Medical Camps in Rwanda: A Lifeline for Families in Need

For many families in Rwanda, the cost of healthcare is an insurmountable barrier. But thanks to the efforts of GFA World and their Free Medical Camps in Rwanda, these families are finding the support they need. Through the provision of free check-ups, medicine, and even nutritional support, these camps are helping to address a wide range of health issues and improve the overall well-being of communities in need. Discover the stories of lives transformed through the power of compassion.

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GFA World Medical Camps in Rwanda: A Lifeline for Families in Need

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In many of the countries that GFA is working in, a life-changing mission is at work. Our Clean Water Ministry is bringing clean and healthy water to families through Jesus Wells. Each well serves an average of 300 people, and the wells last for over two decades.

This is the very first well that we drilled over 20 years ago, and it’s still pumping strong. Many are facing a daily struggle just to find clean water, forced to walk long hours to distant contaminated sources.

But Jesus Wells are changing that. They offer safe water to all, and the wells are just minutes away. Because of God’s love, these wells are bringing hope and renewal and are transforming lives and communities.

Please join GFA’s Clean Water Ministry in this life-giving mission. Your partnership with us can change lives, one well at a time. Together, let’s bring clean water and hope through the love of Christ to families in need.

Join us now, and you can make a lasting impact.