Rwanda Clean Water Impact

The Impact of Clean Water in Rwanda: A Revealing Account

In this revealing testimony, we explore the significant impact of accessible clean water within a community in Rwanda, Africa, facing persistent water scarcity challenges. This vital resource not only fulfills a basic human need but also plays a crucial role in various household activities. Moreover, it’s evident that this initiative extends its reach beyond water provision, incorporating the distribution of spiritual materials. This account sheds light on the transformative changes brought about by this essential resource and its role in delivering not only physical sustenance but also spiritual nourishment.

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Meztli, GFA World Staff Rwanda:

This water is helping the community so much, particularly when the water is cut off and it happens most of the time. Despite that, there are also some people who don’t have water in their house. This water is potable and they can drink and they can use it in different activities at home, while they are doing house chores, cleaning, cooking, washing clothes. In addition to that, the people who are fetching water, they are receiving tracts, they are receiving some books containing various verses from the Bible, and they can get the gospel from that. And this one is really helping the people, not near this community, but a bit far down where the water is not reaching. Thank you very much.