Sponsor a Child in Africa

Can I Sponsor a Child in Rwanda?

Yes, you can sponsor a child in Rwanda. GFA World is expanding its mission to help children worldwide through its Child Sponsorship Program by moving into parts of Africa like Rwanda.

According to UNICEF, children in Rwanda are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to safely getting an education:

“In Rwanda, many children and teenagers are raised in poor and vulnerable families and communities. Harsh child discipline and domestic violence are still common. Recent studies show that over half of children and young people experience physical, sexual or emotional violence before age 18. Many young Rwandans start secondary school late; although children should begin secondary school around age 13, only 6 per cent of children in this age group attend secondary school. Only around 35 per cent of children aged 18 attend secondary school.”[1]

Without schooling, they are destined to follow in their parents’ footsteps of poverty. Getting an education is key to breaking the strongholds of poverty.[2] Rwanda has seen significant urbanization in recent years, which means more skilled work will be available. But that work will likely require the ability to read and write and, most likely, some math skills.

Children facing an unstable home life and illnesses need support in order to be successful in education. This is one of the many reasons GFA expanded its Child Sponsorship Program to Rwanda. When a child enters the program because of a sponsor’s generosity, GFA program staff help ensure the child goes to school, providing tuition support and providing the necessary supplies.

Then after school, the children get tutoring assistance and other vital needs like nutritious food and medical care. This lifts an immense burden off the parents, who have likely had to make heartbreaking decisions about where their limited resources will go. Knowing their child will get care, food and an education is peace of mind for the parents.

You, the sponsor, can choose a child waiting to be sponsored for only $35 per month. You can also be paired with one automatically or donate to the fund that supports unsponsored children. If you choose a child to support, you will get their name, picture and information so that you can be in prayer for them as they fight daily battles for survival and thriving.

Your monthly gift will help make the difference between someone trapped in poverty and someone who can actually think of the future with hope. Our program has repeatedly proven to be effective in setting poverty-stricken children onto a path with dreams and joy. You can be the reason for that joy today.

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