This is the inspiring story of how GFA World Jesus Wells have been transforming communities and bringing hope through access to clean water

Transforming Communities Through Clean water

In the rural tea gardens where Dafne and Perla, hardworking tea garden laborers, begin their days before the break of dawn, access to clean water has always been a challenge. The arduous task of fetching water from a distant well consumed precious time and energy, making their daily routines even more demanding. However, their lives took a remarkable turn when GFA World (Gospel for Asia) responded to their community’s need for clean water. With the installation of a Jesus well, generously supported by the local church these tea garden laborers were provided with a life-changing solution. Now, they can start their days with ease, knowing that clean water is just moments away from their doorsteps. This is the inspiring story of how GFA World Jesus Wells have been transforming communities and bringing hope through access to clean water for Dafne, Perla, and their entire village community.

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Transforming Communities Through Clean water

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Dafne, Tea Garden Laborer:

My day typically starts around 4 a.m. The first thing I have to do is fetch water from our village well. It usually takes me around 30 minutes to reach the well, and I might have to make two to three trips to get enough for all of our morning water needs.

Perla, Tea Garden Laborer

Before going to work in the tea garden, I have family chores to do, and out of all my chores, gathering water is the most exhausting.


It is vital that I start my day early because if I fall behind with my morning chores, including gathering water, I might not reach the tea garden in time to be selected. Missing even one day will significantly impact our income. Gathering water can be quite difficult at times, especially when my children were very young. I would have to carry them on my back while trying to maintain my balance with the water jar on my head.


During the rainy season, the well will start to smell due to high levels of arsenic and other pollutants. Then, in the summer, all the water dries up and I have to walk even further for all our water needs.

Jase, GFA World pastor

Our ministry is always looking for practical ways to bless our community and improve the lives of our neighbors. When we heard that the people of this village needed a new well, we asked our regional leadership for financial support to start building a Jesus well.

Kylan, Villager

In 2014, our church pastor shared plans to build a well in the village. My wife and I agreed to donate a portion of our land so the church could install a well.


It used to take me 30 minutes to reach the well. But now, it only takes me minutes because the well is across from my house. I never have to worry about the well running dry. And I can get water there any time. The water is also very clean. and I don’t have to worry about it making us sick.


These wells are an incredible blessing, not only for the people, but to our ministry as well, because the people see that we are here for the good of the community.


I would like to thank everyone who made it possible for us to install this well. It is a huge blessing for our community. We can’t thank you enough.