Embracing the Great Commission: Every Christian's Call to Mission

Transforming Communities through Missionary Work

Missionaries, guided by an unwavering conviction and a deep sense of calling, embark on a remarkable journey of faith and service. Inspired by verses like the timeless wisdom of Ecclesiastes, which urges one to remember their Creator in the days of their youth, these individuals harness their youthful energy and enthusiasm to dedicate themselves to the ministry. Through sacrifice and unwavering dedication, missionaries persevere through the inevitable hardships, knowing that the path they have chosen is not only worth it but also filled with profound joy and fulfillment. Their commitment to following God’s calling for missinoary work and sharing the message of hope transforms lives and leaves an indelible impact on communities and the world.

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Transforming Communities through Missionary Work

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Jotham, Rwanda Dioscese Office Administrator:

I did not have an emotional kind of feeling or an emotional kind of calling. It was a strong conviction in my heart that the Lord put for me to be a missionary. Now, if you are a young person just like me, my age, I know exactly what you are feeling. You might be thinking there are so many other opportunities out there for you. Let me go chase that.

There is a verse from Ecclesiastics which says, “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth. That’s one of those verses which always gives me strength to keep going on. Because in your young days you are able to do much more than when you are older. You have so much energy. And to channel that days, your young days into the ministry, I think this particular verse is really something that has touched me.

Right now I can look back at my life and I can say so many things I was able to see I was able to experience the joy that I felt when people heard the gospel nothing else would give us that so if you’re out there stuck it’s going to be a long journey it’s going to be hard but in the end it’s going to be worth it following the Lord and following the calling that God has given you is definitely going to be worth it.

So take the risk, take the hard step and God is definitely going to do wonderful things through your life. All we have to do is come to God and say God here I am use me and you’re going to see amazing things God is going to do through your life and the fulfillment you’re going to receive with that. None of the other things that you do, the fancy job or the money that you make, none of it will compare to the joy that the Lord is going to give you.