Child Labor

Where Is Child Labor Around the World? Where Is It Most Prevalent?

The World Atlas published a list of the top 10 countries where child labor around the world is most prevalent. As you will see, the most widespread child labor practices today are seen in Africa and Southern and Western Asia.

Here are some of their findings:[1]

Somalia, has almost 40% of children (ages 5-14) working in labor industries. Many children work in fishing industries, agriculture, construction, and mining.

Pakistan has over 17% of people living in poverty and high child labor rates as well, with kids working in shrimping, fishing, restaurants, transportation, carpet, and coal.

Nigeria has over 15 million kids who work in labor industries, many of whom are girls serving as domestic helpers. Other kids work in agriculture, shoe shining, and begging.

Myanmar has around 1.5 million kids serving as laborers, with many in the agriculture and construction sectors.

Liberia has over 30% of its children working, most in agriculture.

Ethiopia has 41% of its children in the workforce, many working as shoe shiners, miners and forced labor.

Democratic Republic of the Congo hosts over 3 million child workers, many are in armed conflicts, mines, and slave labor.

Chad has many children sold, trafficked, or used as child soldiers.

Bangladesh tops the list, and many kids serve as child laborers in garment factories, agriculture and mining.

How does GFA World help keep children from being sold into or used in child labor?

GFA uses strategies including educating children and parents about the tactics of perpetrators. For example, kids and parents learn to be aware of the false promises people make and to avoid those people who seek to do them harm. Through our child sponsorship program, GFA takes financial pressure off families by providing assistance with essentials like providing nutritious food, clean water, tutoring, school supplies and so on. When a family’s needs are reduced, they are less likely to see child labor as a viable solution to their financial pressures.

Please help GFA fight child labor by donating to our child sponsorship program today.

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[1] Worst Countries for Child Labor. World Atlas. Accessed September 9, 2022.