Child Poverty

How Can I Help Children in Poverty?

Children in poverty are some of the most vulnerable people in the world. They are more susceptible to malnutrition, disease and death.[1] In addition, they are often forced to work to help their families make ends meet, missing out on an education and thus perpetuating the cycle of poverty. Child poverty impacts millions of kids all over the world—even in wealthy nations—so ending it may seem like a daunting task. GFA World invites you to partner with us to make a difference one child, one family, at a time. It can make a world of difference for children such as Petria.

Petria lived in a village that did not have electricity until she was 10 years old, so she would study by the light of a kerosene lamp.[2] Though her dad worked hard as a carpenter, her parents struggled to provide everything the family needed. College was an impossibility for Petria.

Then, she got the chance to join GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program, and things changed. Petria grew to love learning and writing, and she enthusiastically participated in everything the program offered—from sports to art. One year, she won an award for practicing good hygiene, and another year, she won the Colors of Hope art competition.

Petria was truly thriving. But then, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. The girl had to balance school and helping at home. There were important exams coming up, but Petria faithfully tended to her mom, trusting God to heal her. Petria excelled in the exams, and her mother’s health did improve. The sponsorship program and its sponsors helped and encouraged the family, changing their lives and Petria’s future with hope and love in Christ.

Children just like Petria in impoverished areas of Africa and Asia receive life-changing help from GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program. They get essentials such as education, supplies, nutritious food, hygiene training and healthcare. They also participate in recreation activities and community service projects to improve their villages. All of this is compassionately offered through caring staff who share God’s love.[3]

You can join this effort by sponsoring a child with GFA World for the low cost of $35 a month, just a little more than a dollar a day. It doesn’t take much to change a child’s life forever, giving them hope for a brighter future they have never had before.

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