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Some water organizations focus solely on drilling wells to address the problem of clean water access. At GFA World, however, we provide multiple solutions to providing clean drinking water to families in need.

When families live near a water source but the water is contaminated, GFA World supplies BioSand water filters. These filters employ a concrete box filled with levels of fine and coarse sand and a diffuser plate to filter water and remove 98 percent of biological impurities. BioSand water filters literally transform murky, dirty water into clean, clear water that is safe to drink.

In 2019 alone, GFA World provided 12,243 BioSand water filters to people in 16 Asian countries[1], including Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. In total, GFA World has provided more than 73,500 BioSand water filters to people in need.[2]

These filters have impacted so many families, including Savina’s. Savina’s children regularly suffered from disease because their only water source was a local pond surrounded by, and contaminated by, pigs. When the local GFA missionary gave Savina’s family a BioSand water filter, they no longer suffered from water-borne illnesses and their health greatly improved as a result of clean water.

Similarly, Nirmala’s family and neighbors dealt with skin problems, headaches and internal pain because their only source of water was a contaminated pond.

“It was a very painful and discouraging way to live,” Nirmala said.

One day, a local GFA pastor came to Nirmala’s village and saw how much pain they were in due to unclean water. A team then installed a BioSand water filter in Nirmala’s home.

“Finally, our sicknesses would come to an end, and we would have a chance to keep our bodies healthy,” Nirmala said regarding the gift.[3]

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Through BioSand water filters, GFA World has provided clean, healthy water to hundreds of thousands of people in South Asia. But there is much more work to be done: One in nine people still cannot obtain clean water[4]; their drinking water is often filled with waterborne organisms that can cause debilitating diseases.

For just $30, you can provide a BioSand water filter, which can last up to 20 years, to a family or small community. Give the gift of health today.

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