Girls’ Education

How Do We Fight for Girls’ Education?

The fight for girls’ education is ongoing. UNICEF estimates that 129 million girls worldwide are not in school.1 Some girls leave school to work alongside their family, others to become wives and mothers or simply because their families do not have the resources to send them to school. However, education is vital for development and future opportunities.

Education builds confidence in girls and offers them opportunities to learn, grow and hope. If girls can graduate from secondary school, that increases their chances of working jobs with better pay than their parents and even looking for greater opportunities.

Here are a few solutions we provide to help educate girls in Asia and Africa that you can be a part of:

  • Child sponsorship — For $35/month, you can sponsor a girl in Asia or Africa. Your contribution can help girls, their families and their communities break the cycle of poverty through community-wide solutions, including opportunities for education, medical care, protection against malnutrition, clean water and more. Through these opportunities, girls feel loved, wanted, hopeful, and have the opportunity to experience God’s love firsthand. Learn more about this program here:
  • Literacy classes — GFA missionaries hold free literacy classes for women to teach them reading, writing and basic math skills. In 2018, GFA missionaries taught 61,880 women to read and write.2 Mothers who can read are better able to help their girls succeed in school. See how your contribution can help provide literacy classes to women in Asia:
  • Vocational training class — For $75, provide a vocational training class for a woman in Asia to build skills necessary for an occupation like candle making or tailoring. These new skills often allow women to create new income for themselves, which in turn helps provide for their children, girls included, to go to school. Learn more here:
  • Animals — A one-time donation can provide animals to a family in need. Chickens, goats and cows, among other animals, all offer families new sources of income that can help them buy necessities for their families. When animals help relieve the financial burden of food, medicine and housing expenses, families can afford to send their children to school. Give the gift of an animal to a family here:

Want to be part of the change? Consider joining one of GFA World’s programs to provide hope through education to girls in Asia and Africa.

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