Global Water Crisis

How Can Water Crisis Solutions Help Families Worldwide?

Water crisis solutions such as giving people easy access to wells with clean drinking water can help increase the health and well-being of families worldwide. Many families are deeply concerned by contaminated water that can cause sickness, but impoverished families often have no choice because it is the only water they have available. Sources of clean, sanitized water help families cook, clean, bathe and drink without fearing harmful illnesses.

For more than 20 years, GFA World has provided accessible clean water to communities in Asia through Jesus Wells. These wells provide safe drinking water solutions for people like Vimal.1

Vimal lives in an agricultural village with his family. Here, farmers depend on small ponds to irrigate their crops. Women and children used to walk nearly a mile to collect water for drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning. To collect sufficient water for the family’s daily needs could take 4-5 trips.

From March to May, high heat and limited rainfall create drought-like conditions that dry up the surface water used for irrigation. With other water sources expended, everyone in the village had to use the distant well. However, the water was not clean, and some people got sick and even died from the unclean well water.

Then GFA pastor Bharit joined the village and began ministering to the people. His congregants, including Vimal, expressed that their greatest need was clean water to grow their crops and keep their community healthy, so the church prayed for clean water.

After a few years of dedicated prayer, GFA World drilled a well inside Vimal’s village. The Jesus Well gave the village access to clean water with only a short walk. The well is also not affected by seasonal drought, so farmers like Vimal can easily water their crops year-round.

“Because of this Jesus Well we are helped so much,” Vimal said. “My family doesn’t have to walk a far distance … Now the time [spent] fetching water can be invested in any other work.” The well is a source of hope for the entire village.

Vimal requested,

“Please pray for several other villages that are going through water crisis, that we will be able to install a Jesus Well like this, in such places … Pray that through this Jesus Well many will see how God loves them and they will experience … God’s faithfulness and God’s loving kindness.”

A Jesus Well can be life-changing for families without access to clean water. Please consider sponsoring a Jesus Well so families like Vimal’s will have access to safe drinking water.

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1 “Jesus Well Relieves Water Crisis.” GFA World. March 2019.