Helping the Poor

What Is the Best Way to Donate to the Poor?

Though many organizations have ways to donate to the poor, it’s best to find one with the following criteria:

  1. A clearly designated name, headquarters office address and official 501(c)(3) designation (United States only)
  2. Transparent funds designations and annual reports
  3. A documented history of success through stories and reports
  4. A form of oversite, such as a board

After you have established the structure and relevance of an organization, you will want to find organizations that address the root causes of poverty instead of the symptoms. For example, meal service in a time of crisis is wonderful, but it cannot lift anyone out of poverty. Stable income and skills for a better job are the best ways lift a person and their family out of poverty.

World Vision cites these areas as keys to poverty reduction, too:1

  • Educate children
  • Provide clean water
  • Ensure basic health care
  • Empower a girl or woman
  • Improve childhood nutrition
  • Reach children in conflict
  • Prevent child marriage

GFA provides many programs that help lift and prevent poverty for families in some of the most vulnerable countries in the world. One particularly strong program is child sponsorship. Through this program, children and their families get help in many of the areas mentioned above.

Once a child is enrolled, they will receive assistance with school fees and supplies. Many poor families have to make the choice to remove their children from school because of the cost or so they can work too. With the sponsorship, they are much more likely to complete school. After classes, they receive tutoring assistance, nutritious food, and vital encouragement from program staff.

Just $35 a month provides a strong foundation for them to experience a healthy childhood and a pathway to a future not bound by hard labor, human trafficking or constant disease.

Sponsor a child today through GFA World and help a boy or girl step away from poverty with hope, faith and an eye on the future.

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1 “8 World-Changing Solutions to Poverty.” World Vision. November 3, 2021.