Missionaries in Africa

Why Do We Need Christian Missionaries in Africa?

We need Christian missionaries in Africa because of the booming population of young people who have not yet met Jesus Christ. The continent of Africa is home to about 1.2 billion people in 2016, with half of those are under the age of 15.[1] This creates an unprecedented opportunity to give the next generation a chance to hear about God’s love, follow Him and tell others about Him.

The Gospel Coalition also sees this immense potential: ““God is calling the churches of Africa to be missionary-sending churches. Africa should be both an important launching point for sending workers and a think tank for missions issues. For the church in Africa, the twenty-first century is an age of mission opportunity, responsibility, and challenges.”[2]

In addition to the spiritual opportunities that abound in Africa, however, there are real physical hardships that many people in Africa face. Health care, water scarcity, and education are top issues that increase along with the population and growing demands on these resources. For example, the growing population further stress water resources on a continent largely known for its arid landscape, which is a pressing issue.

GFA World has a long history in Asian countries working through national missionaries and local churches to meet some of these similar, immense needs that threaten to overwhelm the countries of that continent. We have recently expanded to serve in Africa as well. But we need partners to help support this much-needed work.

GFA World’s national missionary model is ideal for Africa. Through this model, willing men and women from Africa who long to share God’s love are raised up, trained and sent into the places of need. This process has started in Rwanda and, by God’s provision, will expand into more and more African countries. National missionaries are from the region in which they serve, so they already know the local the language and culture, which can so often be a barrier for missionaries coming from another country.

You can support this work by sponsoring a GFA missionary for just $30 a month. You will be paired with a missionary and receive a profile of him or her, and most importantly, you will learn how to pray for them in this vital work. Your partnership can and will make a difference in the missionary’s life and in the lives of those they serve. These missionaries will address people’s physical needs and spiritual needs, which will bring life transformation to many on this growing continent.

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