Reasons for poverty

Why Are People Born Into Poverty?

Poverty is a serious, global concern that affects all aspects of a person’s life. The World Bank estimates that 689 million people (roughly 9.2% of the world) experience dire poverty.1 Individuals, families and communities can all fall prey to poverty.

There are many reasons why people are born into poverty. Here are some:

  • Natural disasters — Natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, famines or droughts can kill crops and animals, level homes and devastate entire communities, robbing people of all they had and of the opportunity to build a secure future.
  • Lack of education — Many people cannot obtain well-paying jobs to provide for their families because they were not able to complete school. Common laborers will work in fields, mines, farms and other manual labor positions that pay poorly.
  • Prejudice — Racial or religious prejudices can create generational poverty for specific religious or ethnic groups.
  • Violence — Extended war and genocide deplete community resources like money, food and able-bodied workers so there is no provision for families.

Poverty impacts people in many ways.

First, it affects education. Poverty and lack of education go hand-in-hand. The financial strain to feed, educate and care for their children can be too much for many families. Some families need their children to work alongside them to supplement their income. Many families do not have a choice; they need their children to work just to provide enough food for the day. Child laborers infrequently attend school or drop out altogether. Without proper education, children lose opportunities to learn, grow and build valuable life skills for their future jobs and families.

Second, poverty creates a lack of security. People who grow up experiencing poverty often do not have financial, physical or even emotional security. Many children in poverty are orphaned or do not see their parents much due to their parents’ jobs. Impoverished children may experience eviction and displacement from housing due to insufficient family money, war or frequent moves due to their parents’ work. Children in poverty often do not have security and do not feel like they can depend on other people.

What can you do to help alleviate poverty?

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1 “Poverty Headcount Ratio at $1.90 a Day (2011 PPP) (% of population).” The World Bank. Accessed 20 February 2022.