Spirit of Poverty

What Are the Signs of Spirit of Poverty?

The signs of spirit of poverty are not necessarily observable just by looking at someone. This kind of mindset is usually inherited from generations of those living in poverty and affects a person’s worldview in heartbreaking ways.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, “Poverty causes stressors such as insecurity and uncertainty about food, housing, and income. Low-income communities tend to have specific characterizations such as limited resources, poor houses, high crime and violence rates, and an inadequate school system, which are all associated with poor mental health outcomes.”[1]

Poor mental health touches every part of person’s life, whether physical, mental or emotional. So, imagine this being your reality day in, day out, for generations. According to an article in Psychiatric Times, “Poverty is one of the most significant social determinants of health and mental health, intersecting with all other determinants, including education, local social and community conditions, race/ethnicity, gender, immigration status, health and access to health care, neighborhood factors, and the built environment (eg, homes, buildings, streets, parks infrastructure). The mental health effects of poverty are wide ranging and reach across the lifespan.”[2]

The spirit of poverty lingers and touches all parts of life, whether a person is conscious of it or not. Very simply, they do not have hope that fuels their future. They need something that improves how they see themselves and points to a life that is beyond the constant struggle for survival.

This is why GFA World created our Gift Catalog Program. By making available different resources for donors like you to purchase, the local GFA missionaries can gift vital things like farm animals to the poorest of the poor to give them an income path.

Two chickens are the start of a chicken farm for an individual who can sell the eggs and chicks. Not only is this income for the person or family, but it is also a service to the community. Fresh eggs may not have been available to the village before the gift of chickens. Everyone’s life might be helped by it. The person or family can now set their sights on tomorrow and maybe even further down the road to their children’s education and ability to get skilled work.

Pray over the GFA gift catalog today. Perhaps it’s a cow that catches your eye or a pair of goats. Do you see the potential for someone who now only makes dirt bricks to have animals of their own to raise and create a business? Start dreaming and praying today for how God is calling you to bless someone whose mind does not right now have the luxury of thinking about tomorrow.

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