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Is There Still a Need to Sponsor a Kid in Africa? Charity Work Has Been Done There for so Long.

Many have heard about the need to sponsor a kid in Africa. Charity organizations of all kinds have programs, so it may seem that the problem is handled. However, that is not the case, and the needs in Africa continue to grow. The child population in Africa is set to reach 1 billion by 2055.[1] But on current trends, 31 million under-five deaths will occur in Africa between 2018 and 2030, many of them from treatable and preventable diseases like pneumonia, malaria and diarrhea.[2]

GFA World is among the groups working to help the situation. Our Child Sponsorship Program addresses healthcare, education, nutrition and many other issues, according to the specific needs of the community. Prewet is just one child who was helped by the program. Prewet grew up in an impoverished home, his parents making little money as day laborers. He was unruly, disobedient and disrespectful. His vision had also been progressively worsening, and his family could do nothing to help it. Then, Prewet enrolled in GFA’s Child Sponsorship Program. The tutors in the program encouraged and guided him in his education and personal life. Through their support, direction and instruction, Prewet turned into a respectful and diligent student.

The sponsorship program didn’t just provide for Prewet’s educational needs and moral guidance, it addressed his basic needs as well. Free medical checkups arranged by the program revealed that he suffered from anemia. By ensuring he had nutritious meals and training in simple hygeine, the staff made sure that he had what he needed to keep himself healthy and growing, physically and mentally. However, Prewet still struggled to see clearly; he had increasing difficulty even reading his homework. He needed glasses, but his poor family could not afford any. The Child Sponsorship Program staff had a solution. At a routine medical camp, doctors tested Prewet’s eyesight and recommended glasses. He received them soon after, free of cost. After that, he could see just fine. Prewet said, “I am greatly thankful to [the program] for the help in my life. I am what I am today just because of [the program]. … Now I am provided with an immense aid for saving my eyes. Thank you very much.”[3]

Along with Prewet, many more children receive life-changing healthcare, hygiene training, education and guidance through GFA’s Child Sponsorship Program. But there are still millions all over the world who do not have these basics.

You can join in this effort and sponsor a kid through GFA. Wherever they are from—Africa or Asia—meeting physical needs shows children the love of God and changes their futures.

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