How Many People Lack Access to Clean Water?

The World Health Organization (WHO) notes how many people lack access to clean water. According to WHO, 663 million people worldwide do not have safe and accessible drinking water, meaning that unclean water regularly exposes 8% of the world to disease, dehydration and even death due to their water source.1 Polluted water may have chemicals such as lead, arsenic or excessive levels of fluoride or dangerous microorganisms like rotavirus, cholera, dysentery or human waste. Water pollutants can cause health complications, illness or even death. According to WHO, a staggering “829,000 people die each year from diarrhea as a result of unsafe drinking-water, sanitation, and hand hygiene.”1

Ragnar, a low-wage laborer in South Asia, is a husband and father to four children.2 Ragnar worked hard to provide for his family, but his village struggled with water stress. The closest water source was a well half a mile from the village. Collecting water was time-consuming and difficult because villagers fought over the limited water. Any water Ragnar’s family collected was vital to their survival; however, the water was contaminated. The contaminated water frequently made Ragnar’s children sick. As a result, they struggled school. The polluted water affected the entire community; people routinely fell ill.

One day, GFA missionary Dabid met and spoke with Ragnar. When he learned about Ragnar’s situation, Dabid prayed with Ragnar and looked for ways he could support Ragnar’s family and the village. Dabid, Ragnar and many people in the village prayed fervently for a new well in their community. After diligent prayer, GFA World installed a Jesus Well, which gave the entire village nearby access to clean water. The local well restored the health and vitality of the villagers.

A Jesus Well can be life-changing for families without access to clean water. Please consider sponsoring a Jesus Well so that families like Ragnar’s have safe and accessible drinking water. Your gift can help provide clean, accessible water for approximately 300 people for years to come.

Jesus Wells are a simple and effective way to take part in helping reduce water stress worldwide and in providing micro solutions to the global water crisis for people in need of clean, safe drinking water. Click here for more information:

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