Wells in Africa

Why Do People Need Water Wells in Africa?

Millions of people need water wells in Africa because of water scarcity and contamination issues.

According to The Brookings Institute, “access to this essential resource in Africa is not yet universal, with 1 in 3 Africans facing water scarcity and approximately 400 million people in sub-Saharan Africa lacking access to a basic drinking water.”[1] This issue is only growing as populations increase and further urbanization demands water resources.

“At least 1.8 billion people use a drinking-water source that is contaminated with fecal matter,” reports the World Health Organization. “A substantial proportion of water supplied through pipes is contaminated, especially where water supply is intermittent or treatment is inadequate. Even where the source is good, water can be contaminated while being transported or stored, especially in environments where sanitation is inadequate.”[2]

The Sub-Saharan regions of Africa are at extreme risk for ongoing water scarcity. Brookings also notes, “As 90 percent of sub-Saharan Africa’s rural population depends on agriculture as their primary source of income and more than 95 percent of the region’s farming is reliant on rainfall, the consequences of unpredictable rainfall, rising temperatures, extreme drought, and lower crop yields expose one of Africa’s poorest communities to increasingly intense climate- and water-related hazards.”[3]

This is why water wells and other clean wate projects are so desperately needed in Africa. GFA World recognizes the struggle and having recently starting ministry in the continent, is working with communities to provice clean water solutions.  

In the countries we serve, we use local contractors to keep the cost down and work with the community leader to provide the clean water solution that best fits their circumstances. Whether installing a bore well, providing BioSand filters for homes, or improving water infrastructure to increase water availabilty, GFA’s clean water solutions are helping solve the water crisis for tens of thousands of people each year.

To serve this many people for this long with clean water is a gift that goes far beyond providing for the cost of the project. You and other generous donors can band together to bring a much-needed water solution to a village waiting for answers. You will be God’s answer to prayers from parents with sick children and farmers with suffering livestock. Water is the most basic need to sustain life, and you could be the one to provide that life to a whole village. Help buy a Jesus Well today.

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