What Is the Cause of Poverty?

Is Lack of Education a Cause of Poverty?

For those who believe that hard work can prevent or cure poverty, it’s important to ask certain questions, including, Is lack of education a cause of poverty? If a person is born to illiterate and uneducated parents who are poor, then without an education, that person’s chances of climbing out of poverty are nearly non-existent, mo matter how hard they work. Education must be a part of the equation for thriving.

The World Bank has noted that “Inequality in learning is growing … school closures have deepened existing disparities in education, with learning losses worst for the most vulnerable children.” They go on to say, “Future learning and decades of economic and social gains are at stake. Urgent action is needed to ensure this generation of students receives an education that is at least as good as that of past and future generations.”[1]

By focusing on education, a wide range of related issues can be mitigated. A child who grows up studying and acquiring knowledge will be more prepared to get a skilled job that pays above the poverty line of $2.15 per day. Without a knowledge of reading, writing and basic math, a young adult will be forced to take unskilled manual labor jobs, the lowest paying and least secure positions in most societies, such as picking up rocks in fields or making bricks. No parent wants this for their child.

This is why GFA World created the Child Sponsorship Program. It’s a guaranteed way of ensuring a child is educated and nurtured. Once a child enters into the program, we will see to it that he or she has everything they need in order to attend school, such as school fees and uniforms, which are often unreachable for those in extreme poverty.

In addition, the child will get help with studies and will receive vital help like nutritious food, clean water and medical care. Basic toiletries are provided, and the child will experience a loving and supportive environment, nurtured by our program staff who long to see the children thrive and rise out of poverty.

You can be a part of this important work with just $35 per month. You will be matched with a child, or you can choose one to sponsor. Know his or her name, pray for them and be the connection they need to the services that would otherwise be out of their reach. The program changes lives daily, giving children options for the future. Be the one, however far away, who sees these children for the incredible adults they can become.

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