What Is Water Scarcity

What Is Physical Water Scarcity?

Physical water scarcity is when a region’s demand far outpaces its available water supply. This is also known as absolute water scarcity.[1] This most often happens in dry, arid places in the world, though the number of people being affected by this kind of scarcity is increasing due to weather patterns and population increases.

United Nations Water explains how water is involved in so many parts of our lives: “Aside from domestic purposes, water is needed across all sectors of society, to produce food, energy, goods and services. These uses also generate wastewater which, if not properly managed, can spread diseases, and introduce excess nutrients and hazardous substances into rivers, lakes and oceans. Ultimately, as ecosystems provide water to society, a significant share of the water needs to stay within the ecosystems for them to remain healthy.”[2]

So when a region’s demand exceeds its supply, the lack of water affects the whole ecosystem. Open water sources, such as lakes, rivers and ponds, are not always the best places for people to draw water from..

This is where Jesus Wells serve areas well. GFA World missionaries will petition for a well to be drilled in an area where the lack of useable water is causing significant health and economic issues. A local driller is used to find a groundwater source that can be accessed by the whole village. Once the pipes and pump are installed, all can enjoy clean, safe water.

The GFA congregation in a village commits to caring for the well, which helps to keep it working for decades and keeps the costs down for maintenance. It also becomes a place for the villagers to witness the love of Jesus Christ shown through the GFA missionaries.

It costs on average, $1,400 to install a Jesus Well, but the impact is far beyond the dollars spent. Villagers might be able to get water within just a few minutes of home, instead of 30 minutes or more each way. This leaves more time for working, cooking, cleaning and caring for family members.

It adds back into the ecosystem, as well, helping areas thrive more economically. Water is essential for humans to function, and it is essential to the world’s ecosystem. Sponsor a Jesus Well today and give back to the world through the love of Jesus.

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