Access to Clean Water

What Is an Example of a Clean Water Christian Organization?

GFA World is an example of a clean water Christian organization. GFA World started in 1979 with a mission to help “the least of these.” GFA World trains national missionaries in Asia and Africa to minister among their own people.

One of GFA World’s ministries focuses on providing clean water to individuals, families and communities throughout Africa and Asia.

Many communities worldwide depend on rainfall, old well water and surface water from ponds, lakes and reservoirs for their water sources. However, untreated and unsanitized water poses a health risk. GFA World’s resources combat unsafe drinking water and provide practical help to communities worldwide.

  • BioSand Filters For only $30, GFA World can manufacture and distribute one of these effective BioSand filters to a water-compromised family in Asia or Africa and provide them with clean, safe water for many years.
  • Jesus Wells Water well donations can be life-saving resources for many families to protect them from dehydration, lack of sanitation and even severe disease. Jesus Wells have a life span of up to 20 years and can provide water for up to 300 people a day. To date, GFA World has drilled over 30,000 Jesus Wells.

Prayer is a powerful way you can partner with people who are providing clean water to families and communities. Pray for supplies to drill wells and distribute water filters to impoverished communities. Pray for people impacted by infection, disease and death from contaminated water. Your prayers help efforts throughout Asia and Africa to provide clean water to desperate communities.

GFA World’s initiatives have provided clean water for over 38 million people.1 One of these people was Salil. He and his family of four live in Asia near the Himalayan mountains.2 Salil’s village used a local pond to wash clothes and dishes, collect drinking water and bathe. When the river nearby would flood, the pond would fill with sand, and the villagers would have to dig for their water. However, the village’s water was contaminated, causing the residents to suffer from a variety of chronic illnesses.

Salil worked multiple laborer jobs to provide for his family and spent most of his meager income on medicine.

A local pastor named Dayakara drilled a Jesus well in the center of the village. Salil’s family and their neighbors used the well daily to collect water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and more. People stopped developing sicknesses because of the water and as a result became healthier and happier; the clean water from GFA’s well provided real help for Salil’s family and village.

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