In GFA World’s Strategy on the Water Crisis, Africa and Asia Play a Large Role. Why?

GFA World has been working in South Asia since 1979, helping with many forms of poverty. In more recent years, due to many factors, including the water crisis, Africa has been a continent we’ve been praying about being able to begin ministry in.

One in three African citizens are impacted by water scarcity, and 400 million in sub-Saharan African lack access to basic drinking water.[1] When women and children must walk hours to find water, it is detrimental to their ability to work or go to school. This exasperates poverty in the family. When the family does find water, it is often contaminated, which causes waterborne illnesses. It is predicted that by 2025, close to 230 million people will be facing water scarcity and up to 460 million will be living in areas that are water stressed.[2]

The crisis is significant in Asia as well. UNICEF reports,

“In South Asia, access to improved water increased from 73 percent to 93 percent since 1990. However, over 134 million people still do not have access to improved drinking water. It is currently estimated that in South Asia between 68 to 84 percent of water sources are contaminated.”[3]

GFA World is passionate about bringing solutions to Africa and Asia for the water crisis. Through two main strategies, GFA provides clean water solutions using Jesus Wells and BioSand Filters. The wells provide safe and disease-free water for entire communities—up to 300 people at a cost of less than $5 per person for 20 years. The water is offered freely to all, no matter their religion or social background. Jesus Wells can open the door for people in Africa and Asia to see the love of Jesus. BioSand water filters can also help a group of neighbors or an individual home clean their water and help it be free from contaminates.

Those amid the South Asia Water crisis, Africa as well, are helped through GFA World (Gospel for Asia) Jesus Wells

“Our family is blessed both physically and spiritually. We are free from problems and sickness. We also met the Living God in due time. It is because of the people who have spent their money to drill a Jesus Well in my place. I have never seen them, but I’m always praying for them. Thank you very much,” Salil, villager in Asia, said.

Will you help GFA provide clean water?

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