How Can I Pray for the World Water Crisis?

The world water crisis can be a regular topic of our prayers. God cares deeply for the poor. His Word says, “Defend the weak and the fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and needy.” (Psalm 82:3). We are called to pray and to act.

Here are some ideas for prayer on this important topic:

Pray for the physical causes of water stress to be improved. For example, in areas of drought, may God send rain. In areas where the land is dry with no end in sight, may God provide a way for people to find water.

Pray for water to be safe and free of waterborne disease. Pray for people who are forced to drink unsafe water to be protected from suffering its ill effects. Pray for the women and children who are forced to walk long distances. May God protect them from abuse and physical harm.

Pray for the economic aspects to water stress. May God provide solutions to infrastructure issues and technological advancements in the strategies dealing with water stress.

Pray for local authorities and organizations working on solutions. May God give them success in drilling wells and finding other solutions as well. Pray for effectiveness of entrepreneurs developing new technologies for clean water solutions. May God grant them wisdom and new ideas.

Pray for GFA World as we drill and install wells around Asia and parts of Africa. Pray for the pastors in the communities who maintain the wells and share the Good News with so many people who visit the wells. As pastors see needs in their communities, may they have wisdom about how to best help the community and families to meet their tangible and spiritual needs. May God use the wells to show people His love through His people. May the churches have effective ministry through the ministries of GFA World. Pray that GFA missionaries to have the resources they need to meet the clean water needs of their communities.

Pray that each GFA Jesus Well will last for decades and be used by generations in the future, so they can enjoy the health benefits of clean water.

Pray for many opportunities every day for GFA missionaries to share the Gospel in every community we serve.

GFA World (Gospel for Asia) Jesus Wells provides clean water to villages

Thank you for your faithful prayers regarding this important issue. It impacts people around the globe!

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