Building Wells in Africa

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Well in Africa?

The cost to build a well in Africa is not as much as you might think, there are surprisingly reasonable costs in this increasingly vital work. Most people living in developed countries have access to cold, clean water on demand any time we turn on the faucet. We don’t have to worry about having enough water to drink, cook food, wash dishes and clothes, bathe ourselves or wash our hands after using the bathroom because we have a seemingly unlimited supply from the sink. That is not the case for 319 million people in sub-Saharan Africa. In this area, water sources are an average of 3.7 miles away from homes, so walking to fetch water takes up much of the day for women and children.[1] Spending so much time getting water prevents them from living up to their potential. This daily task keeps them stuck in the cycle of poverty.[2]

Many organizations seek to improve the situation and do good work installing wells that could cost thousands of dollars to construct. GFA World has begun installing wells in Africa. We try to keep the prices as low as possible by using local labor and supplies. In general, Jesus Wells provides clean water to an entire village, an average of 300 people, for up to 20 years. Well water is offered to all in the community, regardless of their backgrounds. Providing safe water is a practical way to display God’s love and care for people.[3]

Each Jesus Well becomes a ministry of the local church, so the GFA pastor oversees the maintenance of the well. The congregation takes responsibility for the well once it is installed, so they lubricate the handpump, help replace parts and trim the grass around the base of the well. Sometimes, even nonbelievers will help with the work, showing how effective a well can be for outreach. It is a physical display of God’s love and care, which people find inviting, and it encourages them to ask questions about this God who provides for their needs.[4]

Building wells in Africa doesn’t cost much money to provide clean water for a person for 20 years—but it has an eternal impact. Consider joining GFA in this ministry and donating toward a Jesus well.

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