Building Wells in Africa

Why Should Someone Donate a Well in Africa?

When you donate a well in Africa, you provide water, breakthroughs and redemption.[1] Africa is a dry continent, second only to Australia in aridity for an inhabited continent.[2] Around 340 million Africans have no access to safe drinking water.[3] The need is clearly dire, and many organizations are working to provide solutions. GFA World is among them, bringing our experience with constructing clean water projects like Jesus Wells throughout Asia to Africa.

One example of a Jesus Well at work in Asia was in Salil’s village. Until recently, Salil, his family and all the villagers drank, bathed in and washed their clothes in water from a small, local pond. But the water was contaminated. The villagers suffered from typhoid, jaundice and various skin diseases. Nausea, high fevers, diarrhea and general weakness were just aspects of daily life. These chronic illnesses made it difficult to work, so it seemed they were cursed to be forever trapped by poverty. Salil’s family was no exception; they were often sick, and much of Salil’s meager salary was going toward medicine. There wasn’t enough money left to meet their basic needs, so Salil traveled up the river valley to collect and sell sand. When he could, he returned home to care for his family, but no matter how much extra income he earned, the water was still contaminated, and they were still getting sick.

That all changed when a nearby GFA pastor decided to address the situation. He and other GFA workers drilled a Jesus Well in the middle of the village where everyone could access it. When Salil made another visit home, his family was no longer sick. The new well had helped end their diseases. One day, Salil met the pastor responsible for organizing the installation of the well. He marveled at the compassion and kindness and decided he wanted to know more about the pastor’s God of love.

Salil said, “Our family is blessed both physically and spiritually. We are free from problems and sickness. We also met the Living God in due time. It is because of the people who have spent their money to drill Jesus Well in my place. I have never seen them, but I’m always praying for them. Thank you very much.”[4]

There are many villages like Salil’s that need help. Consider partnering with us in this important effort.

By building wells in Africa, GFA is providing better health, alleviating poverty symptoms, showing the care of God and sharing the Good News with those who need to hear the message of hope and love.

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