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How Is GFA World Providing Help for Widows?

Widows can face life-changing struggles. In many parts of Asia, they are often left vulnerable as victims of poverty, abuse and humiliation with little support from their families and friends. Sometimes their families ostracize or disown them, leaving them alone to provide for their children.[1] How do widows cope and grieve without the help of compassionate and supportive people? Is there help for widows?

Oftentimes the widow becomes a daily wage laborer making meager earnings. As the sole earner for her household, this work often does not provide enough to feed her family.

GFA World is one organization that compassionately provides help for widows in need. Through GFA World’s widows ministry, widows are supported in the following ways:

  • Income-generating gifts and vocational training – When a woman is left with few options to earn an income, it is often difficult to feed her children. GFA provides income-generating gifts to help these widows long-term. For example, when a woman takes a tailoring class and is gifted a sewing machine, she suddenly has a means of earning income to provide for her family. Likewise, if a widow is gifted a pair of chickens or other income-generating livestock, it can drastically improve her financial stability.
  • Literacy classes – When a woman learns to read, a new world opens up to her. She becomes qualified for more employment opportunities, she can read signs and warning labels, and so on. With basic math skills, she is less likely to be taken advantage of in the marketplace. A parent’s literacy is also an important factor in whether a child stays in school. When a parent is literate, they understand the importance of education in the life of their child.
  • Clothing and other basic necessities – GFA provides women and families in need with essentials such as hygiene supplies, food and resources for school. This relieves some financial pressure from the widowed mother to provide these items for herself and her children.
  • Comfort, encouragement and the assurance of God’s love – As a woman walks through grieving the death of her spouse, GFA women missionaries can compassionately walk alongside her with support and care. When these widows feel hurting and hopeless, a woman missionary can share about Christ and His love for her.

Through your partnership with GFA World’s widows ministry, you can help alleviate some of these widows’ struggles. Your gift will provide widows with basic essentials, sources of income and opportunities to find peace in Christ.

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