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Is GFA World One of the Organizations That Helps Widows and Orphans?

Bearing the title of widow or orphan can be a heavy weight to carry. GFA World is proud to be one of the organizations that help widows and orphans in South Asia and parts of Africa.

Many people have been impacted by GFA missionaries. Gulika is one example.

The day Gulika’s husband was killed in an accident her life changed drastically.[1] People in her village became very critical of her and thought she was cursed. They thought she would bring them bad luck, too. The shame and rejection became unbearable and she fell into deep depression. Despite her troubled heart, Gulika still needed to walk to an old well and gather water for her family and in-laws. This was a dangerous task for Gulika because men could prey on her vulnerability.

Local GFA pastor Gobhil heard of Gulika’s situation and shared comforting words with her and her family. Through the power of Jesus’ love, her spirit was restored. Then Pastor Gobhil encouraged Gulika to start sewing and the church provided a sewing machine. Now she could have a respectable, paying job.

“In my time of trouble, when my husband died, [the church] helped me to be strong and have confidence to work and earn an income,” Gulika says.

The pastor also noticed the harsh conditions many of the women endured to gather water and arranged for a clean water well to be built. The entire community has benefited from this gift!

GFA World is committed to helping orphans and abandoned children in places such as Asia and Africa, where millions of kids have been discarded, orphaned or abused in child labor.[2] There are more than 18 million street children in South Asia and an estimated 11 million of these children are separated from their families.[3] These children are not forgotten though. GFA World seeks to offer them a safe haven, offering them protection and often a safe place to call home.

You can play a part in helping widows and orphans across South Asia and in parts of Africa. Your gifts—such as a sewing machine, food, clothing, school supplies, clean water wells, water filters—make it possible for widows and orphans to have hope for the future. Consider giving a life-changing gift today. Your donation will help change the lives of widows and orphans forever.

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