Clean Water

Clean Water Is for Everyone

We’ve all done it. We turn on the tap and let the cool, clean water flow for a few seconds, waiting for the temperature to change or to grab the container we are using. For just those few moments, we often waste one of our planet’s most precious resources: clean water.

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Despite being a fundamental part of our daily lives, access to clean water is a luxury that many people do not have. In school, we are taught about the water cycle, a planetary phenomenon that is often shown as a simple illustration of the rain, runoff, groundwater, evaporation, oceans and clouds, bringing us back to rain.[1]

Although clean water is a basic necessity for all, it is not equally accessible worldwide. In some regions, the water cycle is further disrupted by improper sanitation systems that contaminate ground water, flooding that mixes clean and dirty water, and prolonged periods of drought. It doesn’t show how many people don’t have access to clean water.

Only 2.5 percent of the world’s water is fresh and drinkable. The other 97.5 percent is undrinkable ocean water. Of that 2.5 percent, 70 percent of that is needed for irrigation of crops. Of the rest? It’s not easily accessible. That leaves the nearly eight billion humans on this planet with a very small percentage of the accessible clean water for drinking, cooking and cleaning.[2]

At least one month of a year, four billion people are estimated to have severe water scarcity, and two billion live where water is completely inadequate.[3] Mix into that the need for clean water and sanitation issues, and you have billions of people living with inadequate water conditions.

Sandor’s story illustrates the daily struggles faced by many individuals who lack access to safe and reliable water sources. Sandor didn’t have a tap to turn on and off for his family. The only water source in his village was a large, deep and dangerous well. It was also a two-mile walk away. He and his family would watch an itinerant water seller pass through their village, knowing they couldn’t afford his s­ervices. They had to continue the trek to the well that was less and less reliable due to drought.[4]

GFA World pastor Rodin traveled through Sandor’s village because he wanted to introduce the people there to Jesus. Sandor and his family were curious and asked him to return. It was during these visits that Rodin came to understand the water situation the families in the village were facing. He prayerfully considered taking their concerns to his regional church leadership.

Sandor wanted so badly to see a good, safe water source in his village that he was willing to donate a piece of his own land for a possible well. Pastor Rodin submitted the application for the village to get a Jesus Well on Sandor’s land. Within just a few months, they were pumping free, fresh water from the new well.

“One of our great tensions is solved through the Jesus Well,” said one neighbor.

Jesus Wells are drilled by local contractors using simple equipment. Then the local community cares for the well with upkeep and maintenance. All of these factors help lower the cost of drilling the well. Dug to depths of 200 meters, the wells offer water year-round, even when times of drought threaten other water sources. Well-maintained Jesus Wells can last up to 20 years with eight hours of daily use.

This solution can even answer the hardest situations, such as why does Africa not have access to clean water. Jesus Wells bypass water contamination issues caused from lack of sanitation, as well as natural disasters. Plus, using local contractors is helpful to the region’s economy.

Sandor and his family watched God work in their lives by bringing a Jesus Well to their village. This helped grow in them a newfound faith in Jesus brought to them through Pastor Rodin. Not only did they have the hope of drinkable water every day, they now had the eternal hope of Jesus Christ to guide them through life.

To drill a Jesus Well like the one Sandor and his whole village enjoy, costs on average $1,400 from start to finish. Decades of clean water for an entire village can be provided by this one-time gift. You can be the generous difference between a 2-mile walk to an unreliable water source and walking next door to Sandor’s land and pumping clean water right away.

There is a plaque next to every Jesus Well dug, like the one on Sandor’s land. It reads:

John 4:13-14: “Jesus answered and said to her: ‘Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”

Pastor Rodin brought them Jesus Christ, who they needed more than anything else in the world. Generous donors like you made it possible for him to apply for a Jesus Well and change the course of all their lives. This is what GFA longs to do everywhere.

Consider making it a group project to raise the funds for a life-changing Jesus Well.

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