Clean Water

Why Does Africa Not Have Access to Clean Water?

Sub-Saharan Africa has a severe water crisis. So, it’s fair to ask, “Why does Africa not have access to clean water?”

The Global Citizen reports that there are four major factors at play:

  1. Access to water supply and sanitation
  2. Sanitation gap
  3. Emergencies and disasters
  4. Water resources[1]

They report that open defecation is the prime result of not having access to a water supply and sanitation. This relates to the sanitation gap, where the infrastructure needed has not caught up to the population growth. A cycle of floods and drought in Africa causes both water scarcity and contamination in an area where sources of water are already fewer than in some places.[2]

All of these issues account for Africa’s ongoing water crisis. Solutions are needed that can address these four critical areas in sustainable ways that benefit the local community.

GFA World has decades of experience examining and solving for water issues. They serve some of the poorest regions in the world, including Africa.

GFA’s Jesus Wells can address some of these critical areas of concern for regions experiencing water crisis. The well is drilled deep enough to provide water year round, which also separates the water source from any contaminants on the surface, including sewage. The well can function for 20 years with the proper maintenance, so it solves water sourcing in a village for quite some time. Because of the well depth, it is resistant to flood and drought, as well as other emergencies.[3]

Jesus Wells are installed in villages through the loving care of GFA missionaries, who want to bring the Living Water of Jesus Christ to these people, too. They want the villagers to know who the true source of health and life comes from.

Consider being a part of this amazing gift. You can donate a Jesus Well in its entirety, or you can choose to bring others together to supply the funds for a $1,400 well. Either way, you’ll be bringing life in two forms to places like Africa and Asia: Jesus and water.

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