Making Disciples of All Nations

Who Are the Unengaged People Groups?

The world is a big place full of God’s incredible diversity and creative expression. Even within one country there might be hundreds of different groups of people. Christians seeking to fulfill the Great Commission must understand not only that these different groups exist, but also know where and who are the unengaged people groups.

For example, the 100 largest, least-reached people groups are spread across the northern continent of Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Just these groups alone have a population of almost 1.864 billion people, making up over 23% of the world’s population.[1] Each of those groups is distinct in its makeup, often with a combination of language, ethnic and cultural identifiers that make them unique.

The reasons for never before being reached include physical barriers in the geography of where these people live―it is often physically difficult to get to them. There may be religious reasons, where an ancient tradition or eastern religion is deeply ingrained in the group. There may also be a culture of not wanting any kind of outsider or not knowing how to interact with outside groups. Another factor can be the political climate of the country where they live. It’s possible that an entire country is closed off because of political unease or unfriendliness.

And yet, they must be reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Sue Arnold, writing for Lausanne Movement writes this of the risks of missions:

“Just a chapter later in Acts 20, Paul resolutely heads towards Jerusalem. He knows that prison and hardship await him there, but he considers this a cost worth paying in light of completing the task that the Lord had given him (Acts 20:22-24). His decision caused the believers to weep, to embrace him, and even to grieve (Acts 20: 37-38). After Paul began his journey towards Jerusalem, he then received a prophetic word from Agabus. Agabus prophesied that Paul would be bound and handed over to the Gentiles (Acts 21:11).”2

Going where no one has gone before is not without its risks. GFA World knows this and seeks to mitigate and prepare our missionaries for what they might face. We train and send their national missionaries to places where they already speak the language and understand the culture. This immediately eliminates two major barriers that the missionary might face.

You can sponsor one of these dear souls who are committed to whatever God brings their way as they seek to bring the best news the world has ever known to those who have never heard about Jesus. For just $30 each month, you can make sure one of these missionaries is as equipped as he or she can be for the work ahead. Would you sponsor a missionary today?

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[1] “Unreached: 100 Largest.” Joshua Project. Accessed July 30, 2023.