Medical Missions

What Does a Medical Missions Outreach Do?

A medical missions outreach takes affordable or free health care to parts of the world that either cannot afford health services or do not have any near them. The need is great as nearly half of the world’s population does not have access to proper medical care.[1]

According to Medical Benevolence Foundation, “While estimates vary, there are easily over 100,000 such medical ministries in the world. In fact, in some countries, these ministries provide up to 60% of all medical care, and often offer the only medical services in poor rural communities.”[2]

The need is recognized, and there is an increase in short-term service in this way. “More than a thousand U.S. mission organizations and ministries that we are aware of send people on short-term mission trips of one kind of another, in addition to the tens of thousands of churches and more than a thousand Christian colleges, seminaries, and high schools that sponsor trips,” writes Mission Guide.[3]

GFA World has always been aware of the need in the places it serves, like South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, where the poorest of the poor live. Now, perhaps more than ever, there is an increased need for healthcare access.

The World Health Organization says this about health care of refugees: “Whether displaced by conflict, political danger, or natural disasters, refugees face barriers obtaining healthcare when they most need it, either on their journey or upon their arrival in host countries. This situation arises from factors such as limited entitlements to care, language barriers, and administrative and financial obstacles.” There were some 100 million refugees in 2022 alone.[4]

This is why GFA’s Medical Ministry is working hard to provide more medical camps in the regions its serves. Through GFA workers and volunteers, they set up camps that can give service to those who cannot afford it. All care is free at GFA medical camps. They can treat common ailments and give advice on seeking treatment for more complex matters. Hundreds of people usually line up to get the medicine they need but could never pay for on their meager income.

Support GFA Medical Ministry today and give the gift of health to a person in need of care, and who may never have been to a doctor even once. They cannot, as we do, pick up the phone and make an appointment or go to one of the clinics on every other corner to get immediate care. Your financial gift can be matched by your prayers for the workers and supplies desperately needed worldwide.

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