Sponsor a Girl Education

Who Struggles More for – a Boy or Girl Child – Education Opportunities?

Long-standing cultural viewpoints in many countries hinder a girl child education opportunity more than for a boy child. Historical and social constraints still favor boys if a choice has to be made between a boy and girl, especially in a family that must decide between the two. In some countries, the son is looked at for future support in a parent’s older years. If that boy is educated, they can make more with an education.

Yet, keeping girls uneducated and out of the workforce costs everyone. According to the Malala Fund, if girls were educated and adding to the workforce, it could add $12 trillion to the global economy.[1] Not only that, but a county’s entire stability can be grounded with more women educated.

“When a country gives all its children secondary education, they cut their risk of war in half. Education is vital for security around the world because extremism grows alongside inequality,” the Malala Fund reports.[2]

So, if impoverished families are having to make distressing decisions about who gets educated but the world needs these girls to grow into women who contribute to the marketplace, how do we help them overcome the odds?

GFA World has shown that through its Child Sponsorship program, they can give both boys and girls access to education in a way that builds them both. GFA missionaries are on the ground in their own countries, loving and looking for ways to help families move into health and wholeness. With access to sponsorships, they can take children off the streets or out of day labor and put them in the classroom.

Just $35 a month from a generous giver can change a girl’s life, her family’s life, her community’s life, and the world. Enrolled children and their families receive vital solutions like help with school fees, tutoring, clean water, hygiene products, regular food and more. Her parents may also have access to training that can help them find better-paying work.

Worldwide, millions of girls, who should be in school, are on the streets, alone at home, working hard labor or being trafficked in horrible situations. GFA World stands ready to identify and assist these girls in escaping cycles of poverty and untold horrors by getting them into school, showing them there is more to dream and think about.

Become a sponsor today and help be the solution for one girl who wants to tell you what she wants to be when she grows up. Your love for her, even thousands of miles away, might be exactly what she needs today. Alone and hopeless one day, loved and full of hope tomorrow. You can be the sponsor who stands in the gap.

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