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How Has Girls’ Education in South Asia Improved?

Girls’ education in South Asia has improved greatly over the centuries. Long-held and deep traditions kept girls from education in South Asia for quite some time. However, many cultural and political changes over the years have contributed to greater access to education for girls.

On April 1, 2009, one country’s Parliament passed the Right to Education ACT (RTA), which stated that education was to become a fundamental right to the 192 million children in the country. Not only that but education was to become free and compulsory for children ages 6 to 14.[1]

It was a landmark decision that opened the opportunity for many children across the highly-populated country. However, the realities of poverty, geography and infrastructure continue to pose challenges to fulfilling this wonderful law.

At the time of the law’s passing, Time Magazine reported, “Forty-six percent of public schools do not have toilets for girls; it’s one reason parents are reluctant to send their daughters to class.”[2]

And though many girls may start school, their parents will face difficult decisions about whether to continue to send them to school, put them in charge of the household or find them a day labor job of their own. They most likely don’t want to deprive any of their children of an education but must see to the basic survival of everyone.

GFA World has gladly stepped into many rural areas and worked with local government officials to love and care for these at-risk families. Through the Child Sponsorship program, GFA missionaries can identify families who need assistance in paying for school fees, getting access to clean water and having a regular meal.

A sponsor can give this and so much more to a child through just $35 a month. Thousands of children have benefitted from the opportunity to take a step in the right direction. GFA pastors understand the snowballing good that comes from someone getting an education and being able to secure skills and jobs that pay better than working a field or baking bricks.

GFA World seeks to support these efforts by helping the most at-risk families and by extending the love and care of the sponsorship program, helping to ensure that children stay in school.

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