Water Projects in Africa

How Can I Donate a Water Well in Africa?

According to the United Nations, “only 24% of the population [of sub-Saharan Africa] have access to safe drinking water.”1 Water is in high demand throughout Africa, but very few people have safe and available water for daily use. Reliable water wells, robust water sanitation and efficient water filtration systems are solutions for providing clean water to people experiencing poverty, illness and drought.

To donate a water well in Africa is to give new hope to an entire community.

Most water sources in Africa are not nearby. In African countries, 25% of people spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours daily collecting water; women and children may walk up to four miles to gather water for their families for the day.2 Water collection is a time-consuming and labor-intensive responsibility that prevents children from attending school and women from working or completing other essential tasks.

Clean water is a crucial resource that supports health, economic stability and quality of life. GFA World understands the importance of clean water.

Since the Spring of 2021, GFA World ministries have brought hope to people in Rwanda. GFA World trains national missionaries, sources medical outreach and implements clean water projects, all with the heart of Christ. GFA has initiated ministry in Rwanda, incuding clean water projects, and plans to expand throughout Africa in future years.

  • Jesus WellsJesus Wells can be a life-changing resource for entire communities. They provide neighborhoods with protection from dehydration, lack of sanitation and even severe disease. Jesus Wells last for up to 20 years and supply water for up to 300 people a day.3 Local contractors build Jesus Wells inside villages and rural communities to reduce water-collection commutes and provide safe drinking water for entire communities. The price of a Jesus Well pays for local supplies, materials and equipment. The money also pays the salary of a local laborer to drill the well.
  • BioSand FiltersBioSand Filters are simple solutions for individuals or single-family households. BioSand filters remove impurities like waterborne bacteria, harmful chemicals, sediment and more. BioSand Filters only cost $30; they can last up to 20 years and ensure water is 98% pure, so it is safe to drink.4

Jesus Wells and BioSand filters provide clean and accessible water directly to communities experiencing drought, conflict, poverty and more. GFA’s resources are cost effective and community focused.

You can donate clean water to alleviate poverty, sickness and hopelessness for communities in need like those in Rwanda. Your gift will bring hope and provide a lasting solution for individuals, families and communities in Africa or Asia.

Share the love of Christ through clean water today!

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