Water Projects in Africa

What Are GFA World’s Water Projects in Rwanda?

For decades, GFA World has provided practical help to communities through child sponsorship, vocational skills training classes, clean water initiatives and more. In 2021, GFA World expanded its ministries to Africa, beginning with Rwanda. GFA World is developing water projects in Rwanda, and we do this through national missionaries.

GFA missionaries

GFA missionaries connect with families, churches and communities in Africa to offer encouragement and resources. As they spend time in the villages, these GFA missionaries work with community leaders to assess communal needs and provide life-changing resources, including water resources like Jesus Wells and BioSand filters, for the people. GFA missionaries understand the culture and needs of their communities since they are from these regions themselves.

Jesus Wells

Jesus Wells are an efficient, sustainable and reliable source of clean water for large communities. Jesus Wells provide clean water to meet communities’ physical needs and provide opportunities for GFA missionaries and pastors to share about Jesus with well users.

GFA World hires a local contractor with experience and equipment to drill a well near a church so local pastors and churches can maintain the wells and use them to minister to the local people. Church workers regularly monitor wells and perform routine repairs like replacing the rubber seals, lubricating the hand pump and protecting the ground around the well.

Jesus Wells last for up to 20 years and provide clean water for 300 people daily. They can operate for 20 million cycles before they need routine repairs.1 Workers drill Jesus Wells in specific villages, but people from other communities, religions and backgrounds will walk miles to collect clean water from a Jesus Well.

BioSand filters

GFA World’s BioSand filters are simple to construct and distribute, and they produce water that is 98% pure. BioSand filters only cost $30, but they can last for up to 20 years of daily use.2

BioSand filters remove particles, pollutants and other contaminants from water. These filters include a concrete exterior, a diffuser plate, fine sand and coarse gravel to filter water and remove impurities.

GFA’s new missions and water projects in Rwanda are exciting. Of responding to people’s physical needs in the name of Jesus, GFA’s founder and president, K.P. Yohannan, commented,

“We realize this is of huge importance in terms of communicating the Gospel and helping the poor and the needy.”3

Your generosity can help build momentum for GFA World in countries like Rwanda and those in Asia as well. Help provide clean water, health and hope to communities in communities in need today!

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