Clean Water Charity

What We Can Do Together Through Clean Water Charity

Up to 60% of an adult human body is made up of water, and human lungs by themselves are 83% water.1 A human can go several days without food before essential bodily functions start to shut down. Water, on the other hand, is needed daily. Yet, close to 2 billion people do not have adequate access to water for their basic biological needs. Another 4 billion do not have reliable access to water at least one month a year. This is why the world needs organizations focused on clean water charity.

The United Nations has committed to having clean water as a top initiative for a decade, from 2018-2028, because of its global importance. Nonprofit organizations, such as World Water Council, UNICEF,, World Water Forum, and GFA World, have dedicated resources and funding to solving what many have determined to be a growing, global crisis. These and other water organizations can make a difference.

Access to water that is clean is not just about what is available. It’s also about the quality of the water, the local sanitation, rising populations and changing weather patterns. In areas that experience more rain and flooding, there may be plenty of water, but flooding often contaminates both surface water and ground water. If local sanitation is poor, it could contaminate the accessible water. Clean water organizations need to understand these factors as they seek to solve the growing crisis.

Clean water charity organizations can each do their part to address the factors contributing to the need for access to reliable, useable water for people like Ragnar.

Ragnar’s family of six continually struggled against illness. Though they walked miles to get water, it was often contaminated with things that made them sick. Since Ragnar’s family members weren’t the only ones needing water, the well was often surrounded by tension and conflict.

Children are at the most risk for illnesses associated with contaminated water. Ragnar’s four children constantly battled headaches, vomiting, diarrhea and confusion. Because of this, they did poorly in school. One of his children was jaundiced from the effects of unfiltered water. The doctor said he needed clean water. It was a luxury Ragnar was at a loss to find.

Despondent and stressed by his situation, Ragnar couldn’t hide his emotions. A stranger passed him on the road and asked what was wrong. The man turned out to be a GFA missionary named Dabid who understood well the problems associated with unclean water. Dabid went to the family’s home and prayed for them, promising to help with their situation.

Dabid and his congregation started praying for a Jesus Well to be drilled in Ragnar’s village, and their prayers were answered. Ragnar’s family and the whole village now have access to free, pure water on a daily basis. The entire family’s health has improved.

GFA World has drilled more than 30,000 Jesus Wells in villages like Ragnar’s as part of their clean water initiatives. Reaching 600 feet deep, the wells can provide safe water for approximately 300 people for 20 years if properly maintained. Villages that receive Jesus Wells experience transformation in every area of their lives, simply because they have access to water that is safe and healthy.

Although other water well projects can cost several times as much, GFA is able to drill wells for only $1,400 each on average.

When drilling a well, GFA World hires a local contractor. Because that same contractor will be hired to drill a large number of wells, he will typically give a lower price per well. GFA can also keep their costs low because of the simple equipment used in places like South Asia.

The pumps on Jesus Wells are simply made with mechanical parts that can easily be maintained or replaced. In addition, there is no need for electricity to make the pump work.

Congregations like Dabid’s take care of the maintenance and oversight of Jesus Wells. This provides stability for the well and aids their ministry to the people of the community. Knowing the pump will be cared for in the years to come creates a more stable environment for the entire village.

Helping GFA World drill more Jesus Wells is one way you can be a part of the solution to providing safe water for all. You will be contributing to the global work already being done by GFA World and others. You can know your investment is made not only in a sustainable water source but in the ministries of people like Dabid. The physical ministry of healthy water demonstrates Christ’s love to those in need, and Jesus Wells point men, women and children to the One who gave them true life and hope.

Donate today towards a Jesus Well, or you can sponsor an entire well. Jesus Wells are making a difference in people’s lives. Ragnar’s family, for example, is on the road to health, which helps break the cycle of poverty. Be a part of this life-changing work today.

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