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What Are Clean Water Organizations Doing to Solve the Global Water Crisis?

Clean water organizations worldwide are bringing multiple solutions to different parts of the planet to provide safe water for the millions without access to clean water. Nonprofit organizations, such as World Water Council, UNICEF,, World Water Forum, and GFA World, have dedicated resources and funding to solving what many have determined to be a growing, global crisis.

Safe water is a multi-layered issue ranging from sanitation to weather patterns to population sizes. Different organizations offer different solutions that fit varied environments. WHO and UNICEF are jointly monitoring the worldwide progress that organizations are making together.1 This helps groups like GFA World and know how they are helping the water crisis.

Organizations working toward safe water provide things like personal water filters, wells and group water filters. GFA World has drilled more than 30,000 wells in multiple countries. Dug up to 200 meters – or 600 feet – these Jesus Wells can provide safe water for about 300 people for up to 20 years with proper maintenance. This kind of sustainable water source can transform entire villages.

GFA World’s Jesus Wells are drilled by local contractors using simple equipment, which helps keep costs down. The pumps on the wells are simple in design, and being able to easily service the pumps is essential to their longevity. No electricity is required for the wells to function, and the depth of drilling means weather patterns won’t disrupt access, a major issues in places of extreme weather changes.

GFA World also provides water filters. Using multiple layers of filtration, the BioSand water filters can remove 98% of biological impurities for a family or small group. Sitting just a few feet high, they are easy to keep in or near a home.

Sponsoring a Jesus Well or a BioSand water filter is a key step in helping the global water crisis. Access to clean water is essential to a human’s health. Waterborne illnesses can devastate entire families, especially vulnerable children. Without healthy water, all aspects of life become more difficult, if not impossible.

Give today so that families and villages can have reliable, sustainable access to healthy water. Your gift is lifegiving and affordable. You can sponsor an entire Jesus Well or split the cost with others. Also consider sponsoring one or multiple BioSand water filters. Clean water today provides a future some may never experience without your help.

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