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How Can Nonprofit Organizations Help the Global Water Crisis?

Many nonprofit organizations worldwide are doing their part to help solve the global water crisis. Non-governmental organizations, alliances and ministries crisscross the world to address global and local water issues.

No single organization can solve the water crisis on its own. The issues surrounding water, and the global crisis, are varied. For instance, the tap water contamination in Flint, Michigan, is an entirely different issue than the environmental water scarcity facing most of sub-Saharan Africa. London, England, is nearly at capacity to provide water to its citizens, but this issue is separate from a rural South Asian village’s lack of any nearby water source.

The world needs organizations examining sanitation, desalination, global warming and population management. Each of these areas is related to when, how and where we draw our water. Nonprofits that can work closely with governments are needed as well as those that can innovate water filters.

GFA World has been working at the ground level for decades to address water access issues. Their goal is to put sustainable solutions into the hands of the people they serve. They do this through two important initiatives: Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters.

Jesus Wells are drilled by local contractors with simple tools, which keeps costs down for GFA and supports workers in that area. With a typical drilling depth of up to 600 feet, the wells are able to withstand environmental changes, providing a constant water source throughout the year, even in dry seasons.

The wells are placed under the care of a local pastor and his congregation. This is a distinguishing feature of the Jesus Wells for their community engagement and dedicated maintenance. With proper care, the wells can last for up to 20 years and serve approximately 300 people with clean water.

Another initiative by GFA is the distribution of BioSand water filters. Designed to fit in or near a home, it has several levels of sediment filtration that provide 98% clean water. It serves a family or even a small group of families and also lasts up to 20 years. More than 73,000 BioSand water filters have been distributed over the years.

Neither of GFA World’s solutions require electricity or complicated repairs. This is essential in places where neither skilled labor nor electricity are readily available. They are sustainable and repeatable solutions for many parts of the world where water is a long distance away. In these areas, even if a family makes a long trek to get water, it is not guaranteed to be clean.

GFA World is committed to solutions they can put into the hands of the people they serve. With the water crisis set to increase in the next decade, sponsoring a Jesus Well or a BioSand water filter is a sure way to provide immediate relief for people and need and change lives. You can be a part of that change today.

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