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Creating a Better Future for the Marginalized in Asia Through Vocational Training and Education

Surveying the myriad weaving of Asian society, with many millions of people enmeshed in poverty and illiteracy,[1] GFA World looks for solutions. We reach out to the “least of these”—women and children marginalized in Asia, through vocational training and education. This provides opportunities fitting for each community to provide hope for a better future for those who are currently on society’s back fringes. The goal and purpose of this training, done in the name of Christ, is to help them break from the tragic grip of poverty.

The Scope of The Problem

GFA World’s literacy classes are more than just for people to learn reading and writing; they are gateways to a new life. Gaining this knowledge enables people to live daily lives with mature understanding, from interpreting health information to managing money to assessing job opportunities. For countless women, these literacy classes are the first steps out of complete dependence on others and the first opportunity to influence events in their communities.[2]

Vocational training complements literacy programs, teaching individuals practical, new life skills that can generate income. Young men and women who are trained in tailoring, carpentry, welding or other basic trades can find jobs in these areas and even open small businesses. This has made all the difference in an environment where job opportunities are comparatively scarce and academic education is often not available.[3]

Success Stories

The impact of these programs is best reflected in the stories of those whose lives have changed. Women who once had no perspectives beyond their home duties are now able to successfully run tailoring shops, help their families with income and gain respect among the community. Children who could once have become a part of the child-labor market are able to stay in school, now dreaming about becoming teachers, healthcare providers or running their own businesses. The literacy program offered by GFA World was ‘empowering’ for one woman, who was able to start a small business with other women to provide an income for their families.[4] The example of this success story shows how the lives of entire families can be changed thanks to the instruction and training a few women received and the increased opportunities that it led to.

GFA World’s transformational work in providing education and vocational training is a crucial beginning to community change in Asia. However, the continuation and expansion of these programs is dependent on kind-hearted people who recognize the value of empowering the otherwise marginalized parts of the local populations.

We encourage our readers to participate in these programs that can change an individual’s life: Support them and these ongoing changes! By doing so, you can help enhance literacy classes, develop more opportunities for training in a trade and assist more people to transform their own lives, as well as their communities. Join us in this mission to help provide this practical help and transform lives through Christ’s love.

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