National Missionaries Asia

National Missionaries in Asia and Africa: A Mission of Love and Transformation

GFA World’s national missionaries make a profound difference in the lives of the people across Asia and more recently, Africa. Not only are these national missionaries in Asia and Africa providing spiritual hope for countless individuals, they also provide practical help demonstrating God’s tangible love, being His agents in transforming communities.[1]

Provision of Essential Items and Construction of Jesus Wells

GFA World’s national missionaries who serve these communities are from the very region they are reaching. They speak the same language, and they know the nuances of the local culture and dialect. It is as if they were ordained to be able to effectively meet the practical needs of their neighbors’ lives.[2]

Every day, they are reminded of the difference they make in the lives of those they serve as national missionaries. The items they provide include household basics like blankets, practical gifts of food and medical supplies. These are everyday resources that are often taken for granted in affluent societies but can mean the difference between life and death in these impoverished communities.

As national missionaries emphasize meeting the critical needs of their neighbors, they also engage in the construction of Jesus Wells. For the residents of these communities, who often experience illness due to drinking contaminated water, the abundant source of clean water that freely flows from a Jesus Well is a practical expression of the love God has for them. It also serves as a tangible example of the life-giving water that Jesus promises.[3]

The Practical Demonstration of Love

National missionary workers are passionate about sharing the love of Christ with the people in their communities. They understand that demonstrating God’s love goes beyond just meeting physical needs, but also includes addressing the spiritual needs of individuals. By praying for and ministering to those who are sick, providing income-generating gifts to families in poverty, cleaning up dirty villages, and helping parents value their children’s education, national missionaries are able to show the love of Christ in practical and meaningful ways.

Partner with GFA World

GFA World’s national missionaries live a life of sacrificial service to see communities transformed. every day! Please partner with us by sponsoring a missionary and provide for the people of impoverished communities in Asia and Africa. With your ongoing partnership, you’ll be making a significant impact by providing assistance for a poor individual, an impoverished family or an entire community in need. You can be a part of the team that provides hope and a future for others through the love of Jesus.

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