Sponsor a Family for Christmas

Do You Have Information on How to Donate a Chicken to a Family at Christmas Time?

Christmas is a great time to donate a chicken or a small flock of chickens to a needy family. Throughout South Asia and parts of Africa, a few chickens can make a huge difference in the life of a family. At GFA World, we will personally use your donation and provide a life-changing gift to a family in need. Our pastors and missionaries live in the communities in which they serve, allowing them to see the needs firsthand and understand how to make the biggest difference for each family.

“There is no one to take care of me at this old age. I am worried, thinking, ‘What will happen if I die and no one will even know about it?’ Today, I saw your care, and I am happy for the chicken you gave me.” —Prim, a 65-year-old widow[1]

Did you know, a hen can lay up to 250 to 300 eggs yearly?[2] And when a pair produces chicks, a flock develops, providing nourishment and income for years. The eggs offer protein-rich nutrition for their owners, and they can also sell them at the market. Chickens are happy roaming the yard and require little food or maintenance. Small animals like chickens reproduce quickly and can be sold so the family can grow their farm. A simple gift like a chicken can make a quick impact for someone living in poverty.

“If you had the opportunity to visit the mission field,” shares K.P. Yohannan (Metropolitan Yohan), founder of GFA, “there would be thousands of people you could meet whose lives have been touched by gifts such as chickens, goats and rickshaws. These unlikely gifts brought them a means of income they most likely never could have gained otherwise. Recipients of these gifts are finding hope, both in this world and in the love of Christ.”[3]

The process of gifting chickens is very easy. Visit our Christmas Gift Catalog and select the chicken item in the gift options list. A GFA pastor or missionary will purchase the chicken for you and then gift it to a family living in extreme poverty. It’s a simple but profound gift and a proven way to break the cycle of poverty that has been plaguing many communities for generations. Will you join us in this unique mission?

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