Sponsor a Family for Christmas

Do You Have Information about How to Donate a Cow or Water Buffalo to a Family at Christmas?

GFA World provides information about how to donate a cow or water buffalo and an easy way to make that donation! Each donation allows local pastors and missionaries to bless those living in extreme poverty with a hope-filled future! When families receive livestock, they can utilize the animal’s dung for fertilizer and as power to till their fields. They can also breed the animal to continue growing their farm.

Kailea is a great example of how livestock like cows and water buffalo can drastically change a life. When her husband passed away, Kailea was devastated and grief-stricken. And she was suddenly the sole provider for her family. How would they survive?

Kailea was faced with choosing between food for her children or education for them. Without education, they would be shackled by poverty; but without food, they would not survive today. Kailea decided she didn’t want to pick either choice. She had one thing going for her and that was land around her home. Perhaps she could farm it. But how would she ever afford the tools and animals to get started? She began working for a neighboring family and helping them with their cattle.

A local GFA pastor learned about Kailea’s situation and need, and he looked for a way to help. Kailea and her children received a water buffalo one Christmas through a GFA gift distribution. Using that water buffalo, the family was able to transform the barren land around their home into a lush garden. They built a shelter for their new family member and cared for her. The water buffalo soon had a calf, and the family was able to drink and sell its mother’s milk.[1]

A water buffalo or cow may seem like an unusual gift to us, but for a family in the countries we serve, the impact of a cow or water buffalo is enormous. Livestock is like a savings account on four legs! For each new calf that is born, the family can sell it for around $220, which is a large amount for a poor family.[2]

Donating for a cow or water buffalo is very simple. Visit our Christmas Gift Catalog on the web and select a gift of your choice. Your generous donation will help us provide very tangible gifts to those who need them most.

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