Sponsor a Family for Christmas

Do You Have Information on How to Donate a Goat to a Family at Christmas Time?

GFA World can provide information on how to donate a goat and also give you the means to do so! Not all of us can travel to the world’s poorest regions and personally gift goats to those in extreme poverty, but GFA is set up to do just that! GFA pastors and missionaries look for needs around them and then bless those families with the best livestock choice for their situation. Goats are often a good choice. They are hardy and can live in almost any climate. They have other benefits too: A pair of goats produces at least two kids each year, and their manure is a good source of fertilizer.

Many widows in Africa and Asia need help to survive. A pair of goats may be a simple answer to help them in their circumstances. For women like Sitara, a goat is a life-changing gift!

“Twenty years ago, my husband became mentally ill and could not work. Then my oldest son died. My younger son went to work to provide for the family. He died suddenly three years ago … I had no idea what to do,” shared Sitara.

A GFA World pastor saw Sitara’s need and stepped in to help with a goat! She can now provide for her family and give her children nutrient-rich goat’s milk.

“When I received the goat, I jumped with joy. I shared with all my neighbors … I went and told them that I received a goat. I’m so delighted because I have a means to earn [a living].”[1]

Your gift of goats will bring joy to a low-income family’s world. Sitara’s goats will breed, and her little farm will begin to increase. She can send her children to school now!

“I’m thankful for those who made it possible for me to receive a goat,” Sitara said.

Will you join the generous people who donated that first goat to Sitara and her children? With just a small gift, you can open up doors for widows and those living in extreme poverty in the countries we serve.

The donation process is very simple. Visit our Christmas Gift Catalog and select “Goats” from the list of gift options. Your donation of a goat or two will be gifted to a family in need by one of our missionaries or pastors.

Learn more about how to sponsor a family for Christmas!

[1] “Sitara’s Christmas Goat.” GFA World. Accessed July 23, 2023. https://www.gfa.org/gift/sitaras-christmas-goats.