Sponsor a Girl

What’s it like to sponsor a girl education through GFA?

To sponsor a girl, education is key! Through GFA World, sponsorship is a special gift of service for God. Here is what some sponsors have said about partnering with GFA:

“I am so grateful that GFA World operates with so much integrity and respect for the culture and people. It is so interesting to explore all the aspects of this ministry. Thank you for being faithful disciples of our Lord.” —Rebecca

“I spend more than $35 dollars a month at Starbucks. I’d rather use that to touch the … suffering in Asia.” —Reinaldo

“God placed in my heart to help. We are so blessed to live in a country that has so much more than we ever need. How much do we spend selfishly? Doesn’t God himself say give to the poor, widowed and orphan?” —Crystal

For just $35 per month, you can change the life of a girl who is often less valued than the boys around her. You will be her only sponsor and can send her notes of encouragement through a special portal. You can even send her pictures. Most importantly, you can begin praying for her immediately, perhaps the most powerful way to love her.

This little girl will receive vital assistance needed to thrive at school and be successful in education. Assistance like help with school tuition and school supplies, nutritious food and tutoring support. The little girl you sponsor will learn more than just her schoolwork as the GFA workers model Christlike love and encouaragment. The children will see God’s love in action.

You can choose from the hundreds of girls waiting for a sponsor or be paired with one. There is also a fund for unsponsored children if you’d like your donation to go to the most immediate and pressing needs of children under GFA’s care.

Gender inequality for those in developed countries may look different than for the little girl in Africa, but the underlying issue is the same: value and worth. When you choose to sponsor a little girl, you are saying that you value her life, that you believe her worthy of love and hope, that you can see a future for her when others may not. Your sponsorship says that she is loved and seen and known.

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