How Many Kids Does South Asia Have?

Before answering, “How many kids does South Asia have,” let’s look at some general facts that contribute to the answer.

General population of just one country in South Asia: 1.39 billion[1]

That country is the world’s fifth largest economy.[2]

That one country has the largest adolescent population in the world, 252 million are between 10 and 19 years old.[3] The child population (age 0-18) is 444 million.

Children paying attention in GFA World child sponsorship program

GFA World sees those statistics as a call to action in this beautiful country. Through local national missionaries, GFA evaluates the needs in a community and seeks to meet them in a tangible way:

  • Child sponsorship – Through a sponsorship model, children are provided with necessary items that help alleviate the financial strain of the family. For example, they may receive access to clean water, nutritious food, school supplies, educational tutoring, medical checkups and more.
  • Community support – With the help of local pastors, GFA provides much-needed community help to the neighborhoods who are in need of a clean water well, toilet facilities, handwashing stations, water filters and more. When communities are gifted with these items, lives are changed. The local pastor develops trust with the community and can share of the love of Jesus.
  • Vocational Training and Gifts – When a family receives a gift of livestock or vegetable seeds, along with instructions for how to make that gift profitable, it can be lifechanging. Or when a mother receives a sewing machine and instruction in tailoring, she is now equipped with a skill that can earn her more income.

GFA programs in South Asia, there have been lives changed and needs met. In a region rich in heritage and tradition, GFA comes alongside national missionaries who have a passion for reaching their local communities with the hope of Jesus. Pray for them today as they spread God’s peace and joy to the hurting people who have not yet heard the Good News.

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