Underprivileged Kids in South Asia Charity

Where Does GFA Help Kids in South Asia?

GFA World helps kids in South Asia by showing them the tangible love of Jesus. Here are some of the fields in which GFA has a significant presence helping kids:

  • Bangladesh is a “land of beauty and hope.”[1] While it’s a tiny country, Bangladesh is filled with beautiful beaches and green landscapes. Yet approximately 22 million people live below the poverty line.[2] A promising statistic about Bangladesh is that it is one of the few countries to achieve gender parity in school enrollment; in fact, more girls go to secondary school than boys.[3] GFA World is working to share the hope of Christ and provide tangible help to the people of Bangladesh.
  • Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has a long history of conflict between ethnic groups. There are also economic challenges, making it one of the most poverty-stricken countries in Southeast Asia. Approximately 33 percent of the country’s population live below the poverty line.[4] GFA World trains national missionaries to minister among these impoverished people.
  • Nepal is home to many small, remote villages tucked away in the hills and mountains. In this country, 51 percent of people are illiterate and 25 percent live below the poverty line.[5] GFA missionaries travel into these villages to help people with their basic needs and also share the love of Jesus.
  • Sri Lanka is a beautiful island off the southeast coast of India. Around 23 percent of people in Sri Lanka live below the poverty line.[6] GFA is working with local missionaries to help Sri Lankans during their current economic crisis.

GFA also serves in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. In recent years, GFA World has launched ministry in parts of Africa, starting with Rwanda. Within the next few years, GFA plans to expand into six other African countries.

“We aim to be servants to everyone, showing them Christ through our lifestyle,” said GFA World founder, K.P. Yohannan (Metropolitan Yohan). “Jesus told his disciples to change the world, and as we expand into Africa, that’s our calling, too.”[7]

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